Monday, 22 June 2015

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 5

Underline the answers in your book.
1. Why was Basil Hallward surprised?
2. Whose influence was it that changed Dorian's personality?
3. To which famous tragic novel did Dorian compare Sibyl's death? Why is it similar?
4. In chapter 4 Dorian said that Lord Henry was his best friend. What did he say in this chapter?
5. On page 62 it says that Dorian didn't want to hear of his grandfather because he had bad memories of him. Which do you think was the bad memory?
6. Where did Dorian want to put the portrait now?
7. What was Dorian's childhood like? Do you think his life now has changed?
8. Dorian received two things at tea time, what did he get? What were these things about?

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