Monday, 8 June 2015

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 3.


A) Read the chapter and be ready to answer these questions orally.

1. Who appears at the beginning of this chapter? What are they talking about?
2. Who's James? What's he going to do? Why?
3. What does Mrs Vane think about Dorian?
4. What does James think about Dorian?
5. What does James promise if Dorian harms Sibyl?
6. What do we learn about James and Sibyl's father?
7. How does Hallward react when Lord Henry tells him that Dorian is engaged?
8. What type of engagement is it? Why?
9. Now that Dorian is in love, what does he think about Lord Henry's theories and ideas?

B) After reading:

Can you think of what Dorian and Sibyl have in common regarding their parents?


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