Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Picture of Dorian Garay, Chapter 6

Read the chapter and answer the following questions. The page number has been given:

1. What was the Book about? page 70
2. Why did Dorian think that the end of the book is tragic? page 70
3. 'He had lost his most dearly valued possession.' Which is his most valued possession? page 70
4. Why did he like looking at the portrait? page 72
5. What did he do to keep his relations with society? page 72
6. Who admired Dorian? page 73
7. What did Dorian like about the Church? page 73
8. What were Dorian's interests? page 74
9. How did he feel when he forgot about the portrait? page 74
10. What was Dorian afraid of? page 75
11. Did everybody like Dorian? page 75
12. 'People told strange stories about him.' Which were these stories?
13. Which chapters from the book did Dorian like most? page 76
14. What were these chapters about? page 76, 77 
15. 'Dorian Gray was poisoned by a book.' What does it mean? page 77

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