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Present perfect simple vs continuous

Have a look at this presentation if you still have doubts about the differences!

The Picture of Dorian Garay, Chapter 6

Read the chapter and answer the following questions. The page number has been given:

1. What was the Book about? page 70
2. Why did Dorian think that the end of the book is tragic? page 70
3. 'He had lost his most dearly valued possession.' Which is his most valued possession? page 70
4. Why did he like looking at the portrait? page 72
5. What did he do to keep his relations with society? page 72
6. Who admired Dorian? page 73
7. What did Dorian like about the Church? page 73
8. What were Dorian's interests? page 74
9. How did he feel when he forgot about the portrait? page 74
10. What was Dorian afraid of? page 75
11. Did everybody like Dorian? page 75
12. 'People told strange stories about him.' Which were these stories?
13. Which chapters from the book did Dorian like most? page 76
14. What were these chapters about? page 76, 77 
15. 'Dorian Gray was poisoned by a book.' What does it mean? page 77

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 5

Underline the answers in your book.
1. Why was Basil Hallward surprised?
2. Whose influence was it that changed Dorian's personality?
3. To which famous tragic novel did Dorian compare Sibyl's death? Why is it similar?
4. In chapter 4 Dorian said that Lord Henry was his best friend. What did he say in this chapter?
5. On page 62 it says that Dorian didn't want to hear of his grandfather because he had bad memories of him. Which do you think was the bad memory?
6. Where did Dorian want to put the portrait now?
7. What was Dorian's childhood like? Do you think his life now has changed?
8. Dorian received two things at tea time, what did he get? What were these things about?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How much do you know about Argentinian Festivals?

Click on the link below and read about our typical festivals celebrated every year.

Did you know all of them?

Which would you like to see ? Why?

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 4


1. What did Hallward and Lord Henry think about Sybil?
2. What did Dorian think about Sybil's performance that night?
3. Why did she act so badly? 
4. What was Dorian's decision?
5. When Dorian came back home, what did he notice about the portrait?
6. What did he do to the picture? 
7. Which tragic news did Lord Henry brought? How did it happen?
8. How did Dorian call Lord Henry?
9. How much did Dorian worried about the tragic news?

Think: Why did the picture change?

Monday, 8 June 2015

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 3.


A) Read the chapter and be ready to answer these questions orally.

1. Who appears at the beginning of this chapter? What are they talking about?
2. Who's James? What's he going to do? Why?
3. What does Mrs Vane think about Dorian?
4. What does James think about Dorian?
5. What does James promise if Dorian harms Sibyl?
6. What do we learn about James and Sibyl's father?
7. How does Hallward react when Lord Henry tells him that Dorian is engaged?
8. What type of engagement is it? Why?
9. Now that Dorian is in love, what does he think about Lord Henry's theories and ideas?

B) After reading:

Can you think of what Dorian and Sibyl have in common regarding their parents?


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 2

Let's focus on important events in the story. 
Try to answer these questions.

1. Who's Lord Fermor?
2. What do we learn about Dorian's mother?
3. What's Lord Henry's decision after learning more about   
Dorian's life?
4. Who does Lord Henry meet at his aunt's house?
5. When Lord Henry leaves his aunt's house, what's        surprising?
6. Who's Victoria? Why does she know Dorian?
7. What's Dorian's confession to Lord Henry?
8. What does Dorian want for Sybil's future?
9. On page 28, what does Dorian mean for Lord Henry?
10. What's the news at the end of the chapter?