Monday, 13 July 2015

Dorian Gray, Chapters 7, 8 and 9

Find the answers in you book, underline them.

1. What was Hallward worried about?
2. When Hallward said he wanted to see Dorian's soul, what did Dorian show him?
3. What did Hallward say about it?
4. What did Dorian do to Hallward?
5. Who was Alan Cmpbell? Why was Dorian looking for him?
6. Did Campbell want to help him? Why did he accept in the end?
7. What was different about the portrait now?
8. What do you think was the green paste Dorian kept in a small Chinese box?

1. Where did Dorian go? What for?
2. Who was the person who tried o kill Dorian? How did he recognize Dorian?
3. How was Dorian able to escape from the killer?
4. What did the sailor find out? How did he find it out?
5. Why did Dorian faint?

1.  What two bad memories did Dorian have?
2. What happened at the shooting party?
3. What was Dorian's opinion about shooting?
4. What was Lord Henry's opinion about that tragedy?
5. Who was the man killed? Why was Dorian happy about it?
6. What was ironic bout Dorian's intention to save Hetty, the girl from the village?
7. Lord Henry said on page 108, 'They have a lot to talk about'. What did he refer to?
8. When Dorian asked Lord Henry what if he had killed Hallward, what did Lord Henry say?
9. According to Lord Henry, when did Hallward become a bad artist?
10. 'There is a soul in all of us. I know it', why did Dorian know this?
11. What did Dorian accused Lord Henry of?
12. What did Dorian think of his beauty now?
13. What did Dorian want?
14. Was the portrait the same? Why did Dorian want to destroy it?
15. Who did Dorian accuse of killing Hallward?
16. Why was there a cry when Dorian stabbed the picture?
17. How did the servants recognize Dorian?
18. What's your opinion about the end of the novel? How do you explain Dorian's death?

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